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Here are some of our handpicked sustainable brands 100% Made in Italy…

Adelaide C.

Adelaide C. was born out of the principle that elegance and respect for the environment can coexist, and from the meeting of aesthetics and ethics. They use ecological and vegan materials and they have been selected at the Helsinki Fashion Week, the first 100% eco-friendly fashion week.


Emina is Giulia Perin, an Italian anthropologist and craftswoman who spent the last three years in Indonesia to study the local traditional techniques of textile design. Emina uses 100% silk or bamboo fabrics, dyed with self-made, non-toxic vegetable dyes, to create garments that respect the environment and the wearers.


Lofoio Rilana

Lofoio is a young project of producing winter knit accessories taking care about all the supply chain: from yarn to consumer. We are the consequence of our aunt's old firm and one of our strength points is our city: Prato, near Florence in Tuscany. The sustainable Lofoio's part is Rilana. We put Rilana label on products made with regenerated (upcycled) yarn. We've made a 98% cashmere yarn 100% regenerated from old cashmere clothes, without any chemical dyeing. 

Marisè Perusia

Surrounded by the nature and colours of Lake Trasimeno Natural Park (near Perugia, “Perusia” in ancient Italian), Giulio and Marisa founded Giulmar Design Studio in 1988. They have been delivering quality for years, until they have decided to commit to the sustainability approach, thanks to people with great experience, high-tech machinery and good air.

On Earth

On Earth (Solidale Italiano Altromercato) was founded in 2011 for the development of agricultural and textile products made by small producers in Italy. Their guiding principles are summarized in equity, cooperation, development and social inclusion, decent remuneration, economic sustainability and respect for the environment.



Peekaboo brings the passion for design, colors and style to some of the most frequently discarded materials in our everyday life, the can tabs. Each creation is a unique piece and it can be made-on-order with any combination of size, colors and materials. Handmade with Love in Turin, Italy.


Progetto Quid

Progetto Quid is for women who have an eye for fashion but are also interested in socially and environmentally conscious products. The collections are entirely made in Italy by women struggling with personal and social vulnerabilities, while the materials are sourced among excess fabrics left over by other companies, thus reducing the impact on the environment.



Quagga’s motto is “Dress Responsibly” ™. An industry study certifies that locally recycled PET is among the most sustainable yarns that can be used in the creation of a sustainable fashion industry. Choosing recycled plastic means preventing it from becoming waste and further use of oil.


R&new makes vegan-friendly, ecological and ultra-resistant bags from the leftovers of the paper industry. The entire process is Made in Italy (near Bologna), from the sourcing of the materials to the finishing touches. The paper-leather bags become more beautiful and softer over time - it’s one more point that adds up to their radical sustainability.