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VIC111 //The Anorak Jacket by WRAD

VIC111 //The Anorak Jacket by WRAD


Naturally wind-proof, water resistant, and breathable fabric. Extreme durability and travel size comfort (the jacket folds in its hood!).

Composition: certified organic cotton, better for the environment (it consumes 90% less water than regular cotton) and yourself. Coated with natural beeswax sourced from certified Organic Honey Farm.

Designed in: Italy

Made in: Italy. Hand-painted and hand-cut in our design studio in Milan.

Made by: Italy

Certificates: SOIL (beeswax); GOTS certified organic cotton.

Sustainability: Wrad is Liberating Apparel. “From Linear Individualism, to Circular Collectivism”.

Traceability: Materials YES, Production YES

Meet the brand: WRAD

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Why Beeswax Coating

The Anorak Jacket is coated with natural beeswax sourced from a certified Organic Honey Farm (Soil Association Certification).

It is wind-proof and weather-resistant: the beeswax coating, which adjusts to outside temperature, becomes stiffer in the cold  offering the ultimate layer needed for protection against windy or frigid days. In milder temperatures it instead becomes softer, ensuring a breathable and comfy wear.

The beeswaxed fabric, known for its longevity and durability, is designed to mark, giving the anorak a unique vintage appeal.