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VIC110 //Take what you need by WRAD

VIC110 //Take what you need by WRAD


Wrad Exclusive. Take What You Need. Speak UP. Hemp is one of the strongest of most durable fibres around, here waved in a way to guarantee a super soft cozy hand.

Composition: 100 % natural hemp fabric, healthy for the environment and for your skin. Our hemp is grown in France and then spinned and weaved in Italy in its pure raw form.

Designed in: Italy

Made in: Italy. Hand-painted and hand-cut in our design studio in Milan.

Made by: Lanificio e Canapificio Nazionale Italy, TM Project Italy

Non-dyed: the color you see is the color of the plant. Each piece is unique and slightly different from one another.

Sustainability: Wrad is Liberating Apparel. “From Linear Individualism, to Circular Collectivism”.

Traceability: Materials YES, Production YES

Meet the brand: WRAD

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