VIC Very Important Choice
The first 100% sustainable fashion renting


Our mission is to provide a real alternative to fast fashion. 

To make sustainable fashion accessible to all. 

To create circularity in clothing consumption. 

// 100% sustainable.


Our services

VIC - Very important Choice is the first Smart Conscious Community in Europe for sharing 100% sustainable fashion items, directly from handpicked awesome brands.

  1. VIC Prêt-à-porter

Choose 3 new Fashionable + Sustainable and use them freely for one month!

Do you love sustainable fashion but it is hard to afford it? Choose your favorite items on VIC, they get delivered straight to your door! The service includes eco-laundry disinfection at every cycle of use and handmade recycled packaging. You can join VIC Community for free here and decide wether you want to order month by month, without the burden of a continuous subscription.

2. VIC Premium Event

Dress Sustainably on Any Occasion

Do you have a fancy or business event coming up and you want to wear a beautiful outfit aligned with your values? VIC selects the best outfits with ethics + aesthetics and stylist advice will help you find the best shape that suits you.

About us

VIC - Very important Choice is an innovative social start-up based in Italy striving for a positive social and environmental impact.

VIC is the first Smart Conscious Community in Europe for sharing and circular fashion with a focus on 100% sustainability. 

VIC is a platform for sustainable fashion brands that are able to blend ethics and aesthetics: VIC organises a wide array of events and activities aimed at giving visibility and strengthen growing SMEs of Ethical & Sustainable Fashion and Design.

Finally, VIC is a monthly online rental service for fashionable and sustainable items. VIC handpicks selected brand partners that can guarantee on the traceability of their items for a more transparent and fairer fashion industry.

VIC’s disruptive business model blends together the latest economic trends of sharing and circularity.

People in the community can access sustainable brands (Premium and Prêt-à-porter) for a fraction of the usual price by using VIC’s sharing platform.

On the other hand, by using a product instead of buying it, the conscious consumer contributes to a positive loop of circular economy as it avoids the creation of future waste. Furthermore, VIC implements a take-back scheme for upcycling worn out items.  




Sara Francesca Lisot

Founder & CEO

She has always had a keen interest in sustainability, impactful companies and social innovation. She graduated from a Master in Social Entrepreneurship & Management in 2015 (Roskilde University, Denmark). She was selected to participate in the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge for Sustainability in Amsterdam. She sudied Human Design Thinking through and U-Theory for Innovation through the MIT platform. She now runs a life coaching business for Life Design & Nature Connection ( along with creating and running VIC - Very Important Choice.


Mattia Gava

Sustainability & Innovation Engineer

A beautiful story of a proud Early Adopter of VIC, turned team member and finally co-founder. Electronic engineer by education, he works in an Italian multinational company on International Preventative Quality Projects. At VIC, he manages the R&D department, sustainability reports, and studies on blockchain traceability softwares and human-machine interaction. He has a truthful fascination for Nature and Style, he loves to climb and mindfully shop for top quality, environmentally friendly clothing.


Roberto Biagianti

Company Attorney

He has been working as a legal professional since 1982. He has almost 30 years of experience in working as a company attorney for a famous fashion enterprise in Italy. He is passionate about civil rights, law and business. He is now helping VIC start-up navigating the parallel world of laws, regulations and trademarks.


Elena Cardin

Budgeting & Fundraising

She holds a degree in Economics and Business Management and she has been working as a funding consultant and financial officer since 2013. She had an amazing volunteering experience in Sierra Leone (Africa) that changed her mindset and approach to life. After reading the book by Elizabeth Cline “Overdressed”, she was staggered by the dirty secrets of the fashion industry, so she took the short course in New Sustainable Fashion at Milan Fashion Institute. Since then, she is supporting VIC in the pursue of success for a more sustainable fashion industry.