VIC Very Important Choice
Sharing + Circularity = Sstnbl Fshn Cmmnty


What if 3% of your wardrobe could be renewed every month?

For little money + creating positive impact.


You know how bad the fashion industry is 

You love sustainable fashion and cool design

You are ready to make a difference 

And to have a positive impact 

Now you can do it

And it's a lot of fun!

With VIC you can access 3 Fashionable & Sustainable items for 1 month at only 49€ / 499 DKK (international shipping).


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Join the first Smart Conscious Community in Europe


What you get

• Latest updates on Ethical / Sustainable Fashion + Circular Economy;

• Monthly Bonus on a Sustainable Lifestyle partner / offer; 

• Exclusive Invitations to social dinners & events;

• Discounts on purchase from selected sustainable brands; 

• Being part a positive like-minded community;

• Access to monthly rental of 3 fashionable, ethical & sustainable items (fee applies);

• Free shipping / drop off of VIC clothing;

• Eco laundry + Eco disinfection at every cycle of use;

• Our love & care- 



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