About us

VIC - Very important Choice is the first Smart Conscious Community in Europe for sharing 100% sustainable fashion items, directly from handpicked awesome brands.

VIC - Very important Choice is an innovative social start-up based in Italy striving for a positive social and environmental impact.

VIC is the first Smart Conscious Community in Europe for sharing and circular fashion with a focus on 100% sustainability & transparency.

VIC is a platform for sustainable fashion brands that are able to blend ethics and aesthetics: VIC organises a wide array of events and activities aimed at giving visibility and strengthen growing SMEs of Ethical & Sustainable Fashion and Design.

For companies, VIC offers Ethical & Sustainable Open Innovation programs in partnership with leaders and strategic stakeholders.

VIC’s disruptive business model blends together the latest economic trends of sharing and circularity.

People in the community can access fashionable + sustainable brands (Premium Event and Prêt-à-porter) for a fraction of the usual price by using VIC’s sharing platform.

By using a product instead of buying it, the conscious consumer contributes to a positive loop of circular economy as it avoids the creation of future waste. Furthermore, VIC implements a take-back scheme for upcycling worn out items and has programs for implementing circularity thinking at the design stage with its brand partners.